PetSafe® Cat Fence PIG00-11007 Review

Girl with a cat over his legs

You don’t need to worry about your cat getting out of your yard with the PetSafe® Cat Fence. Electric dog fence systems are similar in many regards. Keep her away from cars, back alleys, dogs and other trouble!

Recommended for cats over 6 months old and 6 pounds and up, the PetSafe Cat Fence has had great success for cats. You can keep your cat safe in the yard while you still allow them the freedom to roam. Your cat is sure to love her newly-found outdoor freedom.

There are many reasons why the PetSafe Cat Fence is a good choice. The first is that it features the most lightweight waterproof receiver collar available. It has a special stretch section to make sure that your cat does not get entangled in it.

Pig0011007 cat fence product
Cat fence product

The only disadvantage of the collar is that it does not have a rechargeable battery. It runs on a special RFA-188 PetSafe® proprietary battery. You will need to have an extra few on hand for when the battery runs out. The system lets you have an unlimited number of pets, with the purchase of additional collars.

When your cat approaches the boundary line you have set, a beep alerts your cat to stay back. Most cats will quickly learn that they have gone far enough. Should the cat continue on, she will receive a harmless static correction. This reminds them to stay within the area you have established for them. It has four adjustable levels of static correction, along with a tone only mode to warn your cat. Also check out underground dog fence for good reviews on dog fences and cat fences or for dog fence reviews.

The system is designed to handle as much as 25 acres, but comes with enough wire to cover 1/3 of an acre. If you are looking for an easy way to keep your cat safe, the PetSafe® Cat Fence is the way to go.